bike fitting in Peacehaven

A bike fit will ensure:

Power goes to the pedals
Posture is efficient - no energy wastage
Comfort is maximised
Risk of overuse injuries is minimised
You have consistency in riding position between your bikes

A bike fit  consists of :

Accurate measurements of you and your machine
Correct placement of cleats - often neglected in bike fitting software
Correct placement of saddle (height, fore/aft)
Assessment of handlebar and stem needs
Observation under pedaling load of adjustments
Assessment of any postural problems
Assessment of pedaling technique
Changes to the above as required
A detailed bike “map” so position can be duplicated   

A bike fit costs:    

£85 - to keep costs down I come to you.

For an extra £25 finish the session with a ramp test to establish maximum heart rate and some basic training parameters. book a bike fit 

The Bike Fit Process

A bike fit takes at least two hours.

The first step is to question you on your riding style before measuring to establish leg lengths.

The cleats are bolted on in the optimum position with the the centre of the cleat a few millimeters  behind the ball of the foot depending on riding style and shoe size.

Saddle height is calculated and fore aft adjustment is estimated. Reach, bar choice and brake/shifter lever position are assessed.

This “neutral” position is used as the starting point for observing you pedaling under load and is adjusted as necessary. Postural asymmetries are investigated and pedaling technique is assessed.

A detailed map of your new position is produced so that the new riding position can be duplicated.

Within a fitting there is plenty of time to ask questions on equipment and clothing, particularly that which has a direct bearing on riding position. As bicyclehaven has no stock to sell or any tie in with a manufacturer, so you will get a reasonably balanced view. (The word “objective” has not been used as more than thirty years on a bike means there are preferences based on experience.)

Why you need to be fitted to your Bike

Unlike the walking and running we have evolved to do, riding a bike makes new demands on our musculo-skeletal system that they have not been designed to cope with. A bike fit will minimise  these stresses and at the same time promote maximum efficiency. More comfort and more power - two for the price of one! book a bike fit  


Knee injuries are the bette-noir of cyclists and are responsible for more time off the bike than any other injury. Blood flow to the knees is minimal so once damaged knees can take a very long time to heal. The good news is that many knee injuries can be avoided with a proper bike fit.

The knee is a simple hinged joint. If the hip and/or ankle joints are not able to deal with  the stress put on them through riding a bike, it will most likely manifest itself as a knee injury.


A stable pelvis will minimise strain on the back. Although the nature of cycling means a degree of discomfort is inevitable, particularly on longer rides, a bike fit will combat unnecessary discomfort from a poor riding position. Unchecked, a poor riding position can lead to injury.