bicycle expertise

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bike servicing and repair

Your bike's needs will be assessed at your home, required work talked through and an accurate estimate for servicing/repair given. If you are happy with the estimate the bike will be taken, rejuvenated and returned ready to go. Straight forward repairs such as gear and brake adjustments or puncture repair, can be done on the spot. 
servicing and repair


Every effort is made to make having safe, trouble free bicycles affordable.  Most repairs can be carried out as part of a service and this is the most cost effective way of doing things (a very competitive £55 excluding parts, all services are fully comprehensive - servicing details). New cables (£20 for brake and gear) and a good clean of the moving parts before fine tuning will solve most brake and gear problems.

In situ on the spot repairs to keep you rolling start at £20. - Yes small adjustments or a puncture repair might cost less in some bike shops but you have to take the bicycle to the shop. This takes time, money and effort - let me do the leg work!

Although I'm very happy to visit and adjust gears or brakes, a holistic approach is best. Damage and badly worn components aside, if your gears are at the point where they need adjustment, your brakes are probably not too clever either. Beautifully adjusted brakes will be compromised if new pads are needed, the wheels are wobbly, the head set is loose or the tyres need air etc etc.

price policy

To keep prices as low as possible and make keeping bikes on the road viable, with the exception of cables, all replacement parts are ordered online at the lowest possible price and the savings passed onto you. A minimal mark up to cover time spent ordering and fitting is applied and this means considerable savings on high street prices, particularly when new chains, sprockets, tyres etc are needed. 

As reaching the VAT threshold with low cost servicing and bicycle repair as a sole trader is not going to happen there is no VAT.