Repairs from £20


From £35 for a child’s bike
A normal hybrid bike will typically be £55 excluding parts for a full service

phone: 01273 581766

Servicing entails:
prior assessment for a quote and advice on any new parts required
gentle cleaning - no jet spray as this can force water into the bearings
wheels - check rim is laterally and radially true enough to do it’s job, check for loose spokes and true the wheel if necessary
hubs - check for play, adjust/grease/replace bearings as needed
lube q/r skewer
tyres - check for wear and cuts - replace if necessary
pump up to recommended pressure
brakes - clean and lube where required, check brake blocks for wear, cables for efficiency and replace if needed. Centre brakes (rim), check alignment (disc)
crank set - check crank set is tight, adjust/replace bottom bracket as required
chain and sprockets - check chain for stretch and replace chain if intervention is timely, or chain and sprockets if the chain is past the point of no return (they wear together - if the chain stretches beyond a measurable point a new chain will jump on the old sprockets) lube as needed
derailleurs - check gears are aligned and adjust where necessary, check and adjust cable tension, check dropout for alignment - lube, replace cables if required
headset - check for play/over tightness - adjust, grease/replace bearings and headset as required
stem and bars - check all bolts are sufficiently tight, replace bar tape/grips as required
pedals - check for excessive play, adjust if possible, advise and replace if necessary
seat pin - remove and grease seat pin where possible, check saddle is secured

a general safety check is then conducted prior to a test ride

suspension - suspension units can be removed and sent to specialist workshops for servicing

Replacement Parts

Required parts are sourced on the internet after quote. To avoid nasty surprises, if a component is significantly more than quoted or an expensive component is required post quote, you will be contacted before the work is carried out.

Ball park figures for parts most frequently replaced in a service, that will make your bike ride as new are: a complete set of cables (gears and brakes inner and outer) £20, set of brake blocks £15.00, decent tyres circa £20 each for a full size bike, inner tubes £5.00, chains from £10 for a 7 speed, cassettes from £20.00. Bar tape/grips from £10.00.

VAT - the chances of reaching the VAT threshold as a sole trader repairing bikes are 0. So no VAT will be added.


Cheque, cash, bacs, paypal to my good self, Ian Glen - currently there is no credit or debit card facility although these cards can be used through pay pal.